Decorative Hardware

Decorative Hardware

The finishing touch designed to make a statement

Personal Style.

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Who says it needs to stop there?

Hardware Resources' flagship brands of decorative cabinet hardware, Jeffrey Alexander and Elements, offer over 100 different collections to choose from!
These knob and pull designs are offered in various size options, finish options and price points to satisfy most every style desire.



We've put together this list of commonly viewed resources for your convenience.
Resources for a specific product can be found on the product's detail page.

  • Cabinet Knobs & Pulls Catalog Cabinet Knobs & Pulls Catalog
  • Hooks Catalog Hooks Catalog
  • Bath Hardware Catalog Bath Hardware Catalog
  • Cabinet Knobs & Pulls Minicatalog Cabinet Knobs & Pulls Minicatalog
  • Hooks Minicatalog Hooks Minicatalog
  • Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty
  • Drilling Templates/Jigs Drilling Templates/Jigs
  • Digital Tower Digital Tower
  • Free Sample Program for Cabinet Knobs & Pulls Free Sample Program for Cabinet Knobs & Pulls
  • Knob and Pull Selection Guide Knob & Pull Selection Guide
  • Finish Guide Finish Guide
  • Cleaning & Care Instructions Cleaning & Care Instructions